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Hometown Örebro

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  • Having a home in Örebro through us at Städsamt not only gives you a clean home but also time for family, friends or other more enjoyable things.

    We always tailor our cleaning tasks completely to the customer's needs and that way you can really get what you want. Signing up for recurring house cleaning means that you choose an interval of every or every two weeks and then get a fixed day and time that we always come to, and of course the same employee always comes.

    What is included in a house cleaning?
    We start from a basic checklist that contains all the cleaning steps that we as a professional cleaning company think should be carried out, then we are more than happy to adjust our checklist according to your wishes as a customer.

    All our employees are unpunished and of course trained, we even dare to say that we have the best cleaners in Örebro!

    How much does homestead cost?
    Hemstäd Örebro costs from SEK 450 / month depending on frequency, size of home and your own wishes. Fill in the form and we will call you and tell you more about cleaning help.


Hometown Kumla? Hometown Nora? Hometown Lanna? Hometown Wine rose?
Of course, we operate throughout Örebro County! 

Fill out the form to get an free offer for house cleaning

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