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                               Big cleaning

  • Major cleaning of the home is perfect both before and after a party.
    Here you can choose between a Rough or Superficial major cleaning, where a major major cleaning is reminiscent of a house move where the entire home is zeroed out, the floor drain is cleaned and the inside of the kitchen and refrigerator gets a thorough wipe down.
    You can choose to have us take out all the cutlery and wipe out those troublesome compartments and we also make sure that the oven is taken apart and cleaned so that it is pretty much like new!

    If a rough big city is a bit overkill, you can choose a superficial big city, which means that we do a thorough cleaning of all free surfaces in the home, i.e. we don't clean the inside of the cupboards and the floor drain remains untouched, but the home feels very fresh and you get rid of those knotted the stains on the kitchen shutters and come home to a sparkling clean bathroom!

    To both services, it is perfectly possible to add Window plaster, which is usually something we recommend.

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